Clipse, one of the sickest rap duos ever, is about to drop their latest album, Til The Casket Drops, on December 8th. First album from them not exclusively produced by the Neptunes which has contributed to the cohesiveness of their sound…but every artist wants to grow and do their thing respectively. A handful of tracks have already leaked like Kinda Like A Big Deal, Popular Demand, I’m Good, and Door Man. These two I just got today may be the class of the lot so far. Showin Out features Yo Gotti and a breakneck beat from the Neptunes. Loving the use of the reverse snare and SINISTER synth programming. Footsteps features DJ Khalil (maybe producer of the year in hip-hop?) on the beats providing some airy synths and headnodding drums that give Malice & Pusha T all the room in the world to rip shit. I’m starting to get really excited about this record…

Clipse ft. Yo Gotti – Showin Out
Clipse – Footsteps


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