I’ve honestly been waiting to spring this on some folks for a minute. Yes, there’s always some rapper somewhere from someone’s home town that for whatever reason, makes people put on their blinders and get behind. As delusional as it may be sometimes getting behind somebody from your home town, Ron Ron is kinda carrying KC on his back right now. Don’t get me wrong, other rappers and crews have done big things in KC before but (in my opinion) the music is usually “meh” or even garbage level steez. There’s something different about Ron Ron though. He’s 3 mixtapes deep as far as I know…maybe more. He’s starting to tap some serious creative energy and he’s now messing with more than just run of the mill crew from the block (i.e. local figures Stik Figa, Greg Enemy, Dutch Newman, etc). The video above features 2 tracks from Ron Ron. Hey Honey alone could blow up nationally. Both tracks available for download below. Snag em and tell some folks KC has a dude on the come up…

Ron Ron – Hey Honey
Ron Ron – Throwbacc


One Response to “RON RON”

  1. Ron Ron is 5 mixtapes deep. The one that most of his new fans don’t have is “Frankeinstein,” the original, not 2.0. He took that one off the shelves at 7th Heaven a few weeks after he released it. He has another mixtape he put out about 5 years ago…but you might have to check the good ole’ demencha blog in a few weeks to get your hands on that. 😉

    Thanks for supporting a great artist from the town.


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