Slim Thug & The Neptunes

As a lot of rap fans know, Slim Thug was a VERY hyped signing for The Neptunes’ label, Star Trak back in the middle of the last decade. I remember reading an interview saying that Pharrell was so impressed with Slim and his massive underground popularity in Houston. Pharrell was even kind of jealous that Slim was getting more autograph requests when they were out in public together in Houston. Slim finally released his debut album, Already Platinum, in the summer of 2005 after many delays. What’s really funny about it and if you were a nerd (no pun intended) about it back then like me…was that the first bootleg version of Already Platinum leaked in 2004 and it was almost entirely produced by The Neptunes. So much shelved heat on there it’s insane. They should’ve just ran with it as is and let Slim’s hype do it’s thing. Here’s a couple joints from it that you’d be silly not to grab…

Slim Thug – Chicken Strip
Slim Thug – Do It For You


2 Responses to “Slim Thug & The Neptunes”

  1. wwhats up big boss

  2. what it do this lil moris

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