I feel kinda sorry for M.I.A. these days. The picture above has to say something about her current mood. She puts out a crazy new record full of paranoia, discontent, aggressive behavior, and overall willingness to take a dare. Shit is noisy, distorted, disjointed and really sounds to me like it was all encoded at 128 kpbs (serato dj joke based on the idea that digital compression makes the tune sound like poo on a system and it’s also based on truth).

However, this girl is being publicly hated on in a way right now that completely baffles me. People on multiple levels are being ruthless in a manner that I never expected she’d endure but after doing some quick research at 5 am. I shouldn’t be so surprised. Typical timeline for the true definition of hateration, but I shouldn’t waste my time boring you with that. M.I.A. has been a darling to everyone in so many ways for 5+ years and a backlash was obviously impending. I just hope it’s also not her impending doom. Seeing the press, her friends and musical collaborators, and more tragically…her fans ready to drop her off in the middle of nowhere so quickly makes me wonder what it really takes to keep folks on board when you’re in all essence, the proverbial “shit.”

M.I.A. took a left turn. So what. I’ll laugh at you when you embrace her again when she does more of what you want her to do and give you shit when I tell you I never left. She’s not in the same world anymore and anyone who’s been in a relationship that could very well appear…at a distance…to be overprotective, or been an extremely creatively driven individual who’s seen success on any level, but experienced some real life changing shit by having a child, can attest to that. I say let it be. She’s never been a good live performer so quit dissecting that. She’s always been random with her politics and never made much sense so quit accusing her of trying to be some kind of martyr. She’s a studio artist and musician first and foremost. Let’s focus on that. Because no matter how famous someone gets or how butthurt you are about one of your favorite entertainers doing the unexpected, you have no control of anyone else’s world but your own. For real…quit wasting your energy hating and let the girl be. So much easier to just take it for what it is.

M.I.A. – It Takes A Muscle
M.I.A. – It Iz What It Iz


2 Responses to “M.I.A.”

  1. I can dig what your saying- and I bet being a parent while balancing life as an artist is by no means easy.
    I believe her success in the past was making good decisions and timing mixed with a lot of talent.
    I feel in the correct or more musically talented hands her content could have produced better
    Let’s face it, most of the underground producers make music for an openminded audiance and don’t have the theory or skill to cross over to a more demanding main stream.
    She’s not a musician and relied on the wrong people to produce the score.
    I feel this album should have been produced by Trent Rezner.

    • brent_tactic Says:

      Everyone who enjoys success can thank timing and those around them. And I can get with a lot of what you’re saying to an extent about the new record as your opinion. I personally LIKE the fact that it sounds like that. Its like a slap in the face to every hack of an ipod dj, hipster blogger, and overall dick rider. Could it have used some tweaks? Of course. But saying the wrong people brought her that technologically paranoid sound, I disagree. Blaqstarr and Rusko gave her exactly what she wanted and a lot of it works. Diplo’s 2 tracks, which he apparently thinks are the class of the bunch, both come off like he’s trying to recapture HIS success with her and make Paper Planes Pt. II. And saying she’s not a musician is just wrong. She may not be sitting in front of a computer or MPC or whatever piece of gear in the more traditional sense for an ungodly amount of hours, but I think that statement is out of line. Reznor collab would’ve been dope though.

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