Kardinal…..Part II

Keepin with the theme of one of the most underrated emcees in the game I’m droppin some more Kardinal on you.  Ol Time Killin and Bacardi slang were my first exposure to Kardinal and Canadian Hip-Hop for that matter. They are OFFICIAL bangers. I remember when these joints used to come on Rap City..when Big Tig was holdin it down (see post below for more on that note).  Anyone remember the Bacardi Slang video..Kardi and his boys wylin out in that big ass yellow hummer, with the big puffy First Down coats? That right there just lets you know what era this came out in. But yea Kardinal is rediculously slept on and has been doin his thing for a minute now (both of these joints are circa 2000-2001). CANADA STAND UP!

– Peace DJ Archi –

P.S. If you thought Drake was the first dude puttin on for Toronto…#killyoself!

“My style’s off the thermostat plus I’m comin from the COLD!”

Ol’ Time Killin


Bacardi Slang



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