Trick or Treat


Halloween is fast approaching and most of us DJ’s are planning to go in on that Saturday Night.  As a special treat for those of you who are feelin the spirit of Halloween, me and the homie DJ B-Stee put together a remix of  Tracy Morgan’s “Werewolf Bar-Mitzfah”.  If you haven’t seen the video (from an old 30 Rock episode) it’s pretty damn hilarious.  It was only a short clip on the episode but Tracy Morgan actually recorded an ENTIRE SONG detailing a young werewolf’s passage into manhood. Check the clip below.  It’s a silly concept but I think the remix came out dope.  So give this track some love this month and especially on Halloween weekend!

Peace, DJ Archi

The background dancers get me everytime. Haha.

Werewolf Bar-Mitzfah (DJ B-Stee & DJ Archi Edit) – Tracy Jordan

P.S. If you are in the KC area this Halloween YOU NEED to check out the homie DJ B-Stee  at the Bacchanalia Private Club in Overland Park.  Its goin down..check out for the deets. Shits gonna be live!!!!!!


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