Time to drop some bombs from my world. Most of these are fairly newish. The Kanye posse cut was everywhere a couple weeks ago but it’s completely infiltrated my brain over the last week or so. Shit is retarded good. Weezy’s new mini-album just recently dropped and Kane Beatz just murdered this shit. Lyrics are kinda meh but this is that good anthematic sound I’ve been missing for awhile now, i.e. DJ Toomp in the mid ’00s. Tabi Bonney is a dude out of DC I’ve had my eye on for a minute. Never the slickest emcee but he’s tolerable and always picking fresh beats and throwing Pusha T on is always a plus. And finally a new Mystikal cut with Weezy that’s a completely awesome mess. I hope someone intelligent is in charge of what that dude is really gonna come with. Album with all Bangladesh and Neptunes beats anyone? MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Kanye West – ft. Pusha T, Kid Cudi, John Legend, Ryan Leslie & Lloyd Banks – Christian Dior
Lil Wanye ft. Drake – Right Above It
Tabi Bonney ft. Pusha T – Make A Killin
Mystikal ft. Lil Wanye – Papercuts


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