Crackin off this new party tonight in KC @ Czar Bar w/ Shaun Duval that’s all about the #moombahton. I did a little mixtape to get folks prepared and now I’ll share it with you. If you know what’s good for you and you’re in KC tonight…DON’T MISS IT!!!

Brent Tactic – Ill Behavior Moombahton Mix

1. DJ Reaganomics – E Boi
2. Moombahton Neoterioco – Khattabi Boombah (Vocal Mix)
3. Proxy – 8000 (Diplo Remix)
4. Federico Franchi – Cream (Geoffrey James Moombahton Remix)
5. Billfold – Flow (Fr33ky Edit)
6. JFK + ST MANDREW – Beehive (Epidemic Moombaton Remix)
7. Duck Sauce x Emynd – Barbra Streisand (Emynd Moombahton Remix ft Daddy Yankee)
8. Munchi – Metele Bellaco
9. Mu-Gen – Fizzdom (Munchi Moombahton Remix)
10. MOOMBAHTRON – Get Stupid (Redlights Remix)
11. Afrojack – Bangduc (Sabbo’s Moombathon edit)
12. Heartbreak – Chavvi
13. Contents Hot – Boombahton
14. Dillon Francis and DJ Ammo – Westside (Dillon Francis Moombahton Edit)
15. Sonido Rampage y Nader – If You Leave
16. Billfold – Knockin’ Boots (Bill’s fr33ky Moombahton Edit)
17. Doc Adam – Calypso (Doc Adam Moombahton Edit)
18. Cam Jus – Deuces Moombahton Ish
19. Dave Nada – Seductive Sound (Moombahton Edit)
20. Swedish House Mafia (Congorock rmx) – ONE MOOMBAHTONED – CKRONO edit


4 Responses to “ILL BEHAVIOR”

  1. leigh feldman Says:

    Crazy. There is a dj named Ben Tactic from KC that lives in PDX that plays moombathon and is bringing Dave Nada to town in a few weeks. umm, anyway.. I found your blog because the PR firm for which I work is sending out product to some bloggers. Hit me up –

    • leigh feldman Says:

      wow. totally thought ben’s dj partner was named something besides brent. you are ben’s dj partner. EPIC FAIL.

  2. yo good stuff thanks for the support!!! ❤

    • brent_tactic Says:

      no doubt dude. glad to do it. feel free to keep me in the loop on what you’ve got going on. definitely down to provide another avenue of exposure!

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