So it’s now 2011 and I’ve decided to “expand my horizons” when it comes to the output of this blog. There are too many tracks dropping these days that I’m super into and deserve me giving them attention. YB has been pretty rap heavy from a blog standpoint since it’s inception and not that there’s anything wrong with it…I’m just beyond ready to diversify the output. So from now on, it’ll be much more of a birds eye view on what this party has been all about. We kicked off 2011 with a fantastic NYE show and blew the damn roof off last Friday with a Mark Farina Mushroom Jazz Tour sighting. And one of the things about Friday that went over so well with the crowd and that I’m geeking the fuck out about these days (and honestly have been for months) is Moombahton. Let’s jump into all the shit that dropped just today in preparation for tomorrow night’s Moombahton Massive II party at UHall in DC.

The party features a lineup with nothing but heavyweights. Dave Nada (pictured above and Moombahton creator) returns to DC to take the stage with DJ Sabo, Munchi and David Heartbreak. All 4 dudes are killing shit on the Moombahton Massive II EP that you can download for free here:

Moombahton Massive EP II by SolSelectas

Heartbreak also had his own ep drop today. M4 debuted on Mad Decent’s blog and this dude continues to impress the fuck out of me. Check out the post HERE or grab the whole EP for free HERE.

Just last week saw the Winter of Moombahton curated by the homie DJ Melo (shouts for the Ben Tactic edit inclusion) drop with a grand total of 29 tracks including tunes from all the main Moombahton Massive major players along with openers for the night, Uncle Quincy and Billfold aka Billy The Gent. Grab that comp for free as well on Generation Bass HERE.

And just for shits and giggles, Munchi has been rumored to be spending a lot of time in the studio with Diplo. Not that this necessarily proves that a ton of shit is to come…there is at least a little proof of them fucking around. You like a little pretty boy swag?

Soulja Boy – Pretty Boy Swag (Diplo/Munchi’s ‘Dude, I Can Make This In 5 Min With Acid Pro’ Edit) by Munchi

On the real though, if you’re anywhere near DC tomorrow night…go to this party. 2011 is getting cranked the fuck up in a hurry and these dudes are leading the way as far as I’m concerned. The internetz is already wylin out to this shit. Lord knows I’m gonna keep dropping these bombs in my sets. Up your fun quota and dive in already…


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