I mentioned DJ Melo in a post last week as he curated the recent Winter of Moombahton compilation that had the interwebz going nuts. Melo has been around for more than a minute for those who are unaware. But dude has been STEADY on the come up over the past year or so (at least on my radar) on the production tip. He just dropped this new #moombahton track this week that I’m digging quite a bit.

Dj Melo – Apreta by azdjmelo

Here’s another tune from him that I’ve honestly been rinsing out a ton lately from his Fr33ktona EP he dropped about a month ago (you can snag the whole EP for free HERE). On the more chilled tip but pretty damn smooth and versatile.

DJ Melo – Song For My Children (radio edit) by azdjmelo

And here’s one more recent Melo tune that’s outside the #moombahton realm. Uptempo bass heavy goods for your cranium.

Dj Melo – Patna 125 by azdjmelo


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