Get Cryphy, easily one of dopest parties currently going in the midwest is celebrating a bit of milestone tomorrow night. Having a party turn 3 and in the style they’ve continued to do things is amazing no matter who you are or where your from. This shit cracks the fuck off EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Tomorrow night, the full cast of usual suspects reunites in the main room of First Avenue with Mike 2600’s Xtra Large jump off doing things in the side room. To celebrate the occasion, we get a new mix from the dudes along with the sick cover art from the 2600 King pictured above. Needless to say, as a dj who’s been lucky enough to play this party twice, I wouldn’t mind being in Minneapolis tomorrow night.


Where You From? (Screwed) f. Barry
My Man Says
Cypher Prince & his CVS Glasses
Goochi Jook
Get Down 4 Cryphy
White Tee Going Thru Hell
Her Crack?
The Pitbull Part
Cory Plus Wayne = 6’7″
No Crazy Lady
Dead Start (Cryphy Mix)
Tacos & Nachos
Fundo’s Threesome
Dougie 2
Swing Your Fancy Rag
Wait A Minute Motherlover
40 Got It
Another Threesome
Animal (Prof)
Cryphy Drunk 2 Step
More Clips
-Money Trilogy-
Mo Money (Knonam)
Thanks Emynd
The NAME (Dropper)
Milk & Fresca
We Bringin’ X Back
Dude Got Burnt
More Cowbell
Crazy Rite Now
WE Invited Pun
Pun Brought Muffins
Muffin A Muffin
Ho 1
Ho 2
Where You From? (Barry’s Back)
Thanks Again Emynd
C.F.F. – Hard In The F @Mike2600
F-ck That Hilfiger
Mommy’s Corsica
Who Fights To This?


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