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Posted in #moombahton, Heartbreak, Munchi on April 19, 2011 by brent_tactic

If you like moombahton and like the stuff I’ve been posting here…you’re pretty much a dummy if you don’t go to this site and get the new Heartbreak & Munchi ep right now.

Heartbreak & Munchi – H/M EP



Posted in #moombahton, Heartbreak on February 15, 2011 by brent_tactic

Seems only fitting that the dude they call Heartbreak would release a new EP on Valentine’s Day. But really the only “feeling” really necessarily of note here is that Heartbreak is pouring himself into this shit on the reg now with a release dropping each month consistently since May of 2010. Now we get the release of the M5 EP, which focuses on the quickly growing Moombahsoul sound that was essentially coined and created by him. I’m personally feeling the fuck out of this sound these days as its making it easier and easier to sneak more and more #moombahton tracks into every set and making djing all around more fun for me. So if I can offer anything to Heartbreak on this…keep em coming homie. I have a gut feeling we’re gonna see a lot more from you in 2011.

Grab the whole M5 EP HERE

All I got… by David Heartbreak

Dance if you like…… by David Heartbreak

Stromae Alors on Dance( This is Heartbreak’s Remix) Unofficial by David Heartbreak